Guidelines for Writing eblog


To have your content published on our website/eblog, please follow these guidelines.

Topics – We currently only publish article which provide actionable advice to our readers. We do not publish opinion pieces. We also high a very high bar for the quality of the information in the article. It needs to share something new and should not repeat the same information already available on the internet.

No Duplicate Content – We do not accept duplicate content. If you have already published the content somewhere else, we cannot publish it again. Feel free to rewrite it or repurpose it before submitting to us.

Headline – Each article should have an attractive headline which draws readers attention. Please refer to this article on writing great headlines.

Main body – Please try to break down your article into small paragraphs and also add sub-headings to make the article more readable. Try to restrict the size of paragraphs to a maximum of 4 to 5 sentences.

Images – Please provide at least one image to be used in the content. We prefer that you add more than one image to make the article more readable. Only use the images which you have the permission to use. Here are some tips to find images for your blog post.

Links in the content – There is no restriction on the number of links, but please use your discretion. User experience is our priority. Do not link to your sales pages or your lead gen pages. Please link only to other informative content.

Your bio – Please provide a brief bio in the microsoft word which has the main article.